March 5, 2013

Let My RV Go! Hits The Road

March is here and my novel has just been released. Let My RV Go! finally pulled out of its parking spot and has hit the road. It is out there but as I have no road map, I do not know where it will be heading.

There have been sightings in Jerusalem bookstores and here in Ra’anana. Nothing yet in Toronto or New York, but I so hope it will make an appearance in North America.

Writing and publishing this book has been a learning experience and I feel challenged at every turn. I strive to deal with this positively and know this will cause me to grow both as a person and a writer. 

Nonetheless, I am very happy that my once unwieldy manuscript is now housed in a fresh book complete with a sweet just-off-the-press smell and an enticing cover. (I used to work at a book store and loved the experience of cutting open a carton and pulling out freshly printed books.) 

I am also now part of the ebook world. Let My Rv Go! is a NookBook on Barnes & Noble and a Kindle book on Amazon–and I don’t even own an e-reader! I even opened a Facebook page. This in itself was a feat as I once aspired to be one of the few remaining people on this planet without a Facebook account. And guess what? I like my facebook page and I hope you will Like it too!

Check out the book. It is a great read for Passover. As it says on the cover, “Ever had Passover in an RV? Hop aboard and celebrate with a twist.”

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