October 26, 2015

Strength in Compassion

Israelis are resilient. 

The day after the terror attacks, flags were draped on the two sites of the stabbings in Ra’anana. 

The colorful Na Nachs' truck rolled along the main street, its enthusiastic passengers jumping out to sing and twirl.

My son’s school walked over to the nearby beit café where three people were stabbed. 

The boys formed a circle and danced, clapped and sang. 

Many of the schools across the country prayed simultaneously for the healing of the victims of terror.

This is in sharp contrast to our enemies, who scream death and wiled knives from their religious pulpits, run at Israeli children with sharp blades and teach toddlers that heroism means being murderous.

A chuppa at the sea.  Our future continues.
The Jewish people here in Israel are compassionate and strong, determined to live a fulfilled life in the land they love. They act with joy, kindness, hope and prayer and they worship life, not death. They are resilient.

I went for a bike ride to the beach a few days later. Unfortunately, there are still attacks happening; yet Israelis will not hide indoors. 

As words cannot capture the vitality of Israeli life, these two photos express the zest to live each moment fully.

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