May 1, 2009

Erev Pesach

Erev Pesach - April 8
My mid morning, our kitchen was full of energetic cooks. We had a team of champion gefilte fish makers chopping up mounds of onions and reviving an ancient family secret in a huge pot. Our daughters were chopping vegetables and baking delicious cakes and squares. Soup was simmering, vegetables were roasting, and dozens of eggs were boiling. The dining room table was set, complete with seder plate and name cards. And our prize table for best questions and answers was on display. This created lots of interest from the children, who became instantly motivated to participate in the upcoming seder.

We all lit candles, welcoming Pesach; this wonderful festival spent in our new home in Sfat, ushered in with the beautiful birchat hachama from this very morning.

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