May 1, 2009

Hiking Nahal Amud

April 14 - Hiking Nahal Amud
One day during chol hamoed we hiked Nachal Amud with the thousands. We usually have these beautiful trails to ourselves but chol hamoed Pesach is prime hiking time for Israelis.

They turn out with their babies wrapped in bundles or peeking out of back packs, teetering toddlers who have just learned to walk, elderly parents and even very pregnant women. They walk in crocs, sandals and high heels. They come with matzoh sandwiches, matzoh pizza and matzoh brie. And all they come with a matzav ruach, a happy spirit. Israelis are simply happy to be out in nature, to be together, to be walking this land in the beautiful spring season.

One of my favorite moments, which made me smile during a rather challenging uphill trek, was hearing a young girl skipping downhill, reciting verses from ‘Echad mi Yodea.’ Only in Israel.

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